Acclaim For The Doctor's CarbRite Diet? Bar
Find out why thousand of people are switching to our Doctor's CarbRite Diet Bars. With these delicious bars, there seems to be an overwhelming consensus–our bars taste better. In fact, people tell us our bars taste as good as real candy bars–bar which contains tons of sugar. Ours are completely sugar-free! So not only are our bars good for you, they taste super!

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"One word - DELICIOUS!"
-Elizabeth, Dallas, Texas
"I have never written to thank a food manufacturer before but I had to write to say how grateful I am for your CarbRite Diet Sugar-Free Bars! I am trying to do a low-carb diet and was suffering and struggling until I found your chocolates. They are AWESOME and I LOVE them. If you offer coupons, please send some as these products are not inexpensive and I hope to keep buying more of them! Thanks!"
-Kim M., La Mesa, CA
"I love the toasted coconut CarbRite bars! They are great for taming my sweet tooth the chocolate and coconut combination is so delicious and filling! :)"
-Stefanie C., Flemington, NJ
"CarbRite Diet bars are the only bars that I have tried that are actually filling. They taste better than other bars and are a satisfying treat during my busy days."
-Sharon Z., Washington, NJ
"I thought Keto bars were good until I tried the Doctor's Carb Rite bars. They are tastier with a much better texture. All of the other low carb bars have a brittle coating and are dry on the inside. These are in every way like a good candy bar. I really like the s'mores, the cookie dough, the cinnamon bun, the toasted coconut and the peanut butter. Could you make a peaches n'cream taste? Thank you for a great product."
-Nancy S., via email
"I had to write and tell you of the Chocolate Brownie CarbRite Diet Bar I tried yesterday. I've had my share of every bar out there and most I won't even try because of the hydro-oils, sugars or fats...but when I read your nutritional label I was curious. I've NEVER tasted a bar so chocolaty - it's like chewing on a semi-sweet chocolate chip but only not too sweet. I was really pleased and I will be moving on to try your other flavors. The only consideration for me was the cholesterol (10 mg) as I am keeping an eye on mine but overall I was really satisfied with the taste (and no fake sweetening aftertaste!) and thank you for putting a product so high in quality out there for those of us who watch what we eat!"
-B. Murphy, via email
"I just had to tell you that your sugar-free chocolate bar is the best I have ever tasted. I can now have a small treat and not worry. I've lost 121lbs in 10 months. It's been a hard trip but a worthy one. Now I can have a little reward now and then."
-Noreen D., Whiting, NJ
"I read the label, and found them to be "better" (for what I was looking for) than the bar I compared it to. Sometimes I'm looking for glycogen replacement -- lots of carbs -- but for a snack or meal replacement, I'm big on lots of protein, not too many carbs, not too many calories -- your bar was best in all three categories!""
-Dana K., Encinitas, CA, founder of R.O.C.K (Raising Our Celiac Kids, a support group for families of children on a gluten-free diet)
"A couple of days ago I purchased my first Doctor Carb Rite Diet Bar from Office Depot. I enjoyed it so much today I went back and bought some for a total 26 bars. I bought the Smore's flavor. They are absolutely the best bars I have ever tasted and they fill me up plus give me the protein that I need without all the sugar and artificial sweeteners. I just wanted to say thanks for the bars. Great bars! Great job!! Thanks again!"
-Ellen, via email
"On behalf of all celiacs, I would like to thank Universal Nutrition for taking the time to take the initiative in testing for gluten. There are so many adult celiacs looking for a healthy bite on the go when we a re caught in a situation where there is nothing safe for celiacs. So THANK YOU! For a wonderfully delicious and nutritious gluten-free product."
Pat S., Central Jersey's Celiac Support Group leader
"We really appreciate your willingness to supply our group with treats the kids can try. I'm sure the kids will love the three flavors."
Melonie K., Virginia/DC Rock (Raising our Celiac Kids) Chapter Leader
"I am a gastric bypass patient who relies on your product. As you may know, those of us who have had the surgery must totally limit fat and sugar/carbs and really turn up our protein. Your bars have allowed me to do this. I am healthier than ever and I have lost 75 lbs (since Jan 2004). I attend a monthly support group for potential patients and people who have had the surgery. We share info on products that work for us and I have shared my wonderful opinion of your product. Would you be willing to send me some samples to disseminate at the next meeting? I want to turn others on to these fabulous, high quality products. There are so many bars and shakes that are just terrible tasting. Your bars are so wonderful and easy to digest."
-Tonya G., Fredericksburg, VA
"Wow what wonderful bars we found when we found Doctor's CarbRite Diet bars by watching the 700 Club. Both my neighbor and I find them to be a wonderful to maintain enough protein without adding unnecessary carbs. Both of us have lost weight, feel wonderful, exercise more and have truly made lifestyle changes which will continue to include Doctor's CarbRite Diet bars. You have sold us for life."
-Nadine B., via email

"I just had to write and tell you what a great candy bar this is! I have been on a low carb diet for a while now, and have really been craving something sweet. This is great! I am so excited about finally getting my sweet tooth satisfied while staying on my diet. Thank you very much."
– Terri Payne, via e-mail

"My dietician recommended your bars to me. She said it was absolutely wonderful and that I had to try it."
– J. Harris, Houston, TX

"Today I came across your low carb bars. On a whim, I bought 4 of them in various flavors and went on my way. I decided to try the S'mores as I was driving. Believe me when I say I have NEVER had a response to one of these types of low carb bars before. It was SO fabulous, I turned my car around, drove back to the store and cleaned out their display. I bought every last bar they had! I am so impressed with your product that I just had to write to you. Now, for the very first time, I've found a product that isn't just a mediocre means of handling my sweet tooth while lowering my carbs. Your Doctor's CarbRite Diet bars are a powerful tool for helping me to succeed, making me feel like I will be able to manage the craving for something sweet without sabotaging my diet. The flavor and texture are outstanding, with not a trace of that usual bitter aftertaste... I will continue to buy and use these bars as long as you continue to make and sell them. Thank you so much for a wonderful product!"
D. Mosley, Hillsboro, OR

"Please let me know how I can order your Doctor's CarbRite Diet bars. The health food store near me only carries them once in a great while. I am looking for the S'mores flavor. Several of us are on restricted low carb diets and your bars are the only ones that actually taste great. All the others we tried taste like cardboard. Thank you."
D. Fitch, via e-mail

"I just wanted to say thank you for making the Doctor's CarbRite Diet bars. I have lost 70 pounds since May of 2001. I eat your bar everyday for lunch. My favorites are the S'mores and Mint Chocolate. I have 35 pounds left to reach my goal of 125 pounds, which I hope to reach by April. Thank you."
– J. Semmens, via e-mail

"My husband and I have both been on the low carb diet for three years, and we really appreciate having your bars. They've really made a difference for us. We really, really love them. We've tried others bars like the Atkins, and they're terrible. But yours are so good, I give them out to all of our friends. I even send them to my son! Thank you for making such as a wonderful product."
– Martha Ogden, Cape Coral, FL

"I like your bars because I'm into nutrition and love the fact that they're low in carbs and high in protein. I've been to diet centers and these are just things that they recommend. Not only are they great tasting, but they're filling too!"
– Rhonda Faigen, Rockville, MD

"I tried the Atkins bars and they taste like cardboard. My sister was in the store one day and told me that I absolutely had to try your bars. I tried them and have been hooked on them ever since! I have six sisters and we all eat them. I even have my co-workers at work eating them!"
– Karen Mavis, Laurel, MD

"I love the S'mores bar because they're low in carbs and high in protein! They're very satisfying and you can carry them around as an anytime snack. They're much better than any other brand that I've tried!"
– Elizabeth O'Nan, Naples, FL

"I've been eating the Atkins bar for three years. I recently switched to the Doctor's CarbRite Diet Bars, and these bars are heaven sent! They are so much better than the Atkins bars–it's like night and day. The first bar I ever tried was so good, I licked all the chocolate off the wrapper! It's great to have something with real taste when you're on the Atkins diet. It gives me something to look forward to."
– Christine Gomez, Clarksville, TN

"Your bars taste better than candy bars, and the consistency is the best I've ever had. You also don't get that aftertaste!"
– Jen Rotensprtich, Birmingham, AL

"When I first tried your bar, I couldn't believe it was a low carb bar! Your bars taste just like real candy bars... I was shocked to find that they were sugar-free!"
– Mark Schechter, Parkland, FL

"I love your bars because they taste great. I make s'mores when I camp in the summertime and your bars taste just like s'mores! I've never tasted a candy bar that tasted this good. This is too good to be true!"
– Dian Whiteleather, Fort Wayne, IN

"Your S'mores bar tastes like a fattening candy bar, but without the carbs, sugar and excessive fat that goes along with it!"
– Jack Zaret, Santa Monica, CA

"I bought these bars from Florida for a cruise that I was going on and have loved them ever since. They are better than the Atkins and Carb Solution bars!"
– Robert Rich, Ladue, MO

"I just purchased some of your Doctor's CarbRite Diet Bars and they are the absolute best I've ever tasted! I'm particular about the ingredients in nutrition bars as well as the carb content. The S'mores taste like a Milky Way candy bar!"
– Diana Cox, via e-mail

"I am addicted to your S'mores bars. These bars are the best I've ever had. I am on the Atkins diet and these bars have helped me so much. I don't know what I would do without them. They taste so much like a regular candy bar! I found your bars by accident. They were crammed into a corner, hidden away, in a San Diego store. It's a miracle I found them!"
– Sindy Monahan, via e-mail.

"I drive 50 miles to get these bars every month and I buy them by the case. They're the best-tasting bars I've ever had! After eating the Atkins bars, I didn't think a great-tasting low carb bar existed. This is truly a unique product. It's so good, even my friends who aren't on a low carb diet eat these bars!"
– Julian Lee, Holland, PA

"Your bars taste too good to be low in carbs. I think they're the best bars on the market!"
– Timothy Stalling, Clinton, MD

"I've tried all the low carb bars out there. Only your flavors taste like what they're supposed to. And there's no artificial aftertaste!"
– Sharon Deviney, Hainesport, NJ

"The Doctor's Diet CarbRite Bar has played a very important part of my diet and exercise program. Most people, including me, would have a hard time sticking to the low carb diet. But these delicious bars make dieting an absolute pleasure. They taste absolutely delicious!"
– Donna Novelli, Bayonet Point, FL

"I've tried a lot of bars out there, and in my personal opinion, your Mint Cookie Bar tasted like a real candy bar. It's something that I can eat, not just for dieting reasons, but because I actually like them!"
– Kelly Tucker, Raleigh, NC

"I like your bars because they don't have that 'sawdust' aftertaste like most other low carb bars!"
– Barbara Williams, Carolina Beach, NC

"To tell you the truth, your Doctor's CarbRite Diet Bars are awesome beyond comparison! They're better than any other low carb bar, period! I couldn't stay on my diet without them."
– Leesa Parish, St. Louis, MO

"I've used Atkins bars in the past, and they're horrible. I didn't know how horrible they were until I tried your bars. I'm a really picky eater, and your Chocolate Covered Banana Nut is the best! They taste like bars which have ten times the carb content. They're really great!"
– Valeria Spadaro, Los Altos, CA

"I've tasted several other low carb bars like the Atkins and LoCarb, but yours are the best that I've ever had! The other ones are horrible. They reminded me of putty."
– Brenda Scheider, Upper Marlboro, MD

"Your bar tastes better than a candy bar and the consistency is the best I've ever had! There is absolutely no aftertaste."
– Jen Rotensprtich, Birmingham, AL

"I think your bars are excellent in taste and texture... I love them! They're exactly what I need for my nutritional plan. Some of the other low carb bars out there are just plain disgusting."
–Jeanine Franke, Las Vegas, NV

"I've tried a lot of other bars, and yours have the sweetest, richest flavors without that chalky taste. It tasted like a fattening candy but, but it supported my low carb diet!"
– John Carey, Hewlett, NY

"Your S'mores bars are fantastic! What I really liked was that it worked well for someone who is into bodybuilding. I like the ingredients because they are very health conscious."
– Lesia Cruz, Burnsville, NC

"Honestly, I think your S'mores bars are the best! They're really good because they contain only about 2 grams of carbs and have a great protein content. I think it's amazing. I just can't believe it!"
– Tara Huslage, Piscataway, NJ

"I loved the fact that they had such low amounts of carbs and zero sugar. I was amazed at how wonderful they were!"
– Peggy Kennedy, Alpharetta, GA

"I think your Doctor's CarbRite Diet Bars are delicious! I've been on the Atkins Diet for 18 months and your bar makes me feel like I'm not on a diet at all."
– Dorothy Austin, Rock Island, IL

"I bought a Doctor's CarbRite Diet Chocolate bar and LOVED it! It tastes creamy and rich, just like the sugar-filled counterparts, but without the guilt! Thanks to your product, I have found Heaven on earth!"
– Twyla Payne, via e-mail

"Your bars have the most incredible taste of any low carb bar on the market. They're also better than any candy bar, and they've only got 2.2 grams of carbs!"
– Scott Purcell, Waldorf, MD

"I loved your bars so much that I decided to bring them into my store. I recommend them to all my customers!"
– Mary Day, GNC, Macon, Georgia

"I had a customer tell me that you would never think that Chocolate Mint and protein would actually taste good together, but it does!"
– Rosie, Dave's Health & Nutrition, Salt Lake City, UT

"As a medical professional, I not only eat these bars myself, but I refer them to my patients, my family and athletes."
– Carl Renner, Heights Medical, Hasbrouck Heights, NJ

"Not only do your Doctor's CarbRite Diet Bars taste terrific, you just can't beat the price!"
– Larry Colvin, Pleasantville, MO

"Your bars are better than any other low carb bar on the market. It's lighter and more flavorful. And your bars taste like the flavors they're supposed to taste like."
– Steve Calabrese, Ozone Park, NY

"I'm a 'sugarholic' and I absolutely love these bars!"
– Marcella Adams, Houston, TX

"As a nutritionist, I have tried all kinds of low carb bars. I found the your Doctor's CarbRite Diet Bars are, by far, the best tasting."
– David Weiss, Boca Raton, FL

"I love the variety of flavors you have. The S'mores has got to be the most unique. It's my favorite. Finally, a low carb bar that doesn't taste like cardboard."
– Christin Amos, Kinston, NC

"I sell a lot of low carb bars in my store so I didn't want to carry the Doctor's CarbRite Diet Bar at first. I'm thankful I did. After trying the bars personally, I knew these were the best. I eat them myself. Not a day goes by where one of my customers doesn't thank me for getting them turned on to these super bars."
– Domenic Siracusa, Cornucopia, New York, NY

"I'm on a low carb diet and I recently discovered the Doctor's CarbRite Diet Bars. What a godsend! They're the best-tasting bars I've ever had, low carb bar or not. They're so good I started carrying them in my store. They sell like hotcakes!'
– Rob Sanders, Walgreen's, Las Vegas, NV

"Your Doctor's CarbRite Diet Bars are an integral part of our weight loss plan. They taste great, with just the right amount of sweetness. I can't keep them in stock!"
– Ellen Wegen, Curves For Women

"Your bars aren't too moist or too dry... They're perfect! They have a fantastic taste too. The Chocolate Mint flavor tastes just like real candy!"
– Charles Dunn, Englishtown, NJ

"Your S'mores bar is the best tasting bar around. It's perfect for those on a strict Atkins diet, and for those people who want to avoid sugar. There is absolutely no aftertaste or waxy consistency."
– Anthony Grady, Greensboro, NC

"The Doctor's CarbRite Diet Bars are the best tasting bars on the market today. People are losing weight with these bars in their diet."
–Isaac, Severna Park, MD

"I'm 56 years old and a exercise regularly. For me, sugar was the hardest thing to give up. I try to do the best I can to stay fit. If it wasn't for the Doctor's CarbRite Diet Bars, I don't know what I’d do. They're so delicious, they don't even taste sugar-free!
– Susan McIntyre, Allentown, PA

"I personally recommend Universal Nutrition's Doctor's CarbRite Diet Bars over other bars like the Atkins. Yours are moist and don't leave a bad aftertaste."
– Judy Wareham, Great Earth Vitamins, Las Vegas, NV

"The Doctor's CarbRite Diet Bar helps me fulfill my protein needs and it's so satisfying, it prevents me from snacking."
– Mary Donahue, Dillon MT

"These Chocolate Covered Banana Nut bars are full of flavor. I can't believe they are low carb!"
– Pat Guglielmo, Maspeth, NY

"The CarbRite Diet Bars are a GREAT tasting between meal snacks for those of us who desire a low amount of carbohydrates in our diet."
– Mike Needham, Dyer, TN

"Your Chocolate Mint Cookie Bar tastes just like a Thin Mint Girl Scout cookie!"
– Kevin Long, Smyrna, GA

"Not chalky... no sugar... pleasant chewiness... no wonder it's our most popular bar! It tastes so good, it's easy for me to switch my customers from Atkins to the Doctor's CarbRite Diet Bar."
– Curtis Price, Laurel Health Food, Laurel, MD