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While low carb diets encourage higher protein and fat intakes, you need to pay special attention to the kind of fat you’re getting. The best fats are “essential fatty acids” or EFAs. Essential fatty acids are those fatty acids that your body cannot manufacture by itself–you can only get them through your diet. EFAs can help promote healthier cholesterol levels and even help the body reduce fat storage! The Doctor’s CarbRite Diet E.F.A. Complex contains only fresh, cold-pressed flax seed oil–a clear, amber-colored liquid with a slightly nutty taste that’s rich in omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids. When only the best will do, turn to the Doctor. Turn to the Doctor’s CarbRite Diet E.F.A. Complex.

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R E L A T E D    I T E M S

Doctor's CarbRite Diet Bar
Regardless of which low carb bar you’ve used in the past, it’s time for a change. A delicious, mouth-watering change. And even more. Every Doctor’s CarbRite Bar is sugar-free and lab certified gluten-free with 21g of protein and as few as 2g net impact carbs. Also, Doctor's CarbRite Diet Bars contain no artificial sweeteners, hydrogenated oils or trans-fats. With the Doctor’s CarbRite Bar, you get a healthful, sugar-free alternative to all the candy bars out there that are high in sugars and fat.

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